For shippers with complex transportation and distribution needs, dedicated logistics is a welcome solution. Using the best equipment, manpower, and technology to enhance fleet efficiencies, while minimizing risk is what dedicated logistics is all about. There are many reasons why this is one of the fastest growing segments in the transportation industry.


a dedicated logistics provider will vehicles and drivers to a single customer for its sole use, assuring complete control of the delivery process.

– Provides the shipper flexibility and uses resources more effectively. By utilizing equipment, manpower, service, and technology in an integrated system, the dedicated logistics provider can reduce costs, improve communications, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve higher levels of customer service.

– Mitigates the shipper’s liability taking way the risks involved with running its own trucks.

– Promotes your business brand and increase your visibility by taking advantage of branding that include custom painting making the trucking fleet rolling billboards for the shipper.

– Gives stability to the bottom line because its monthly transportation expenses are set during the contract period.

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